Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Why there is no Planet A anymore, and why Planet B is here to stay until....

Why there is no Planet A anymore, and why Planet B is here to stay until.....

by staff writer with agency

Planet A was a nice memory. It is gone forever now. We soiled her, we boiled her, we broke her, we stroked her tenderly (and sometimes roughly) until she had no fur or skin, we did everything to her but fuck her, and you know we damn well tried. There is no Planet A anymore. 

But there is a Planet B -- ''Planet Borrowed Time.''

On Planet Borrowed Time, optimism reigns supreme even as the doomsayers say ''doom'' every chance they get. On Planet Borrowed Time, the future is forever even though there is not much of a future left.

On Planet Borrowed Time, things will not be over in 12 years (say, 2030) as the media-savvy IPCC PR people said ...or in Guy McPherson's silly 2029-dated prophecy which will never come to pass of course, and Guy will be dead himself by then so what does he care?

No, on Planet Borrowed Time, the horizon stretches for 30 more generations of man...and woman ....30 more long generations far into the future that might even stretch to 60 more generations. The end, my friend, is not near nor nigh, we have many more centuries to ponder our demise while we continue to plunder what was once our cosmic home in the universe.

Maybe we should never have evolved here. Maybe we should never have been seeded here, or seeded our descendants here, generation after generation, egg accepting sperm, sperm penetrating egg, 1 million generations or more.

Who knows where the future on Planet Borrowed Time lies? It surely doesn't lie on Planet A because that planet is long gone. What's left? Planet Borrowed Time and there's no telling how long that will last.

Prepare for the worst. Remember what was once best about Planet A. Forget everything else. 

Life is a dream that the gods are dreaming, and all those gods are dead and never existed in the first place, including Jesus Supremo and Jehovah Numero Uno and Allah All-Star Champion. All of them, dead as a doornail. In fact, to be honest, there were all dead on arrival. 

Embrace Planet Borrowed Time in these borrowed times even though such an embrace leads nowhere you'd want go go. There is no other ....choice!

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