Monday, December 24, 2018

''Great American Desert'' -- a collection of short stories by Terese Svoboda PUB DATE MARCH 2019

Hi Dan,

Having just received a starred review in Kirkus for my 18th book, sixth novel, ''Great American Desert,'' I was hoping you might be interested in its cli-fi underpinnings. Great American Desert will be published in March 2019 by Mad Creek Books. About water and thirst, psychic and real, the book encompasses life above the Ogallala aquifer from the pre-historic Clovis to “projections” camped beside a pink pyramid in a sci-fi prairie.

 My book is a little doom-y but the characters are alive!

PS:  I will be doing a reading from the book in Chicago in April with a cli-fi expert, Sarah Dimick.

Tom McGuane: "Terese Svoboda has brought a poet's lyrical intensity and factual density to prose fiction, and writes like no one else." 

Karen Russell: "Great American Desert is a devious and extraordinary new collection of stories from one of our best writers, Terese Svoboda." 

Michael Martone: "Terese Svoboda in her truly miraculous collection of alchemic fictions, Great American Desert, conjures up and turns inside out that landscape of vast wastes, turning it into a teeming ecosystem of understatement...I'm blown away." 

All best,

Terese Svoboda

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