Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Kardashians and ''Cli-fi'': Interview with Climate Scientist Judith Curry

The Kardashians and ''Cli-fi'': Interview with Esteemed Climate Scientist Judith Curry You've also talked about the climate change debate creating a new literary genre. 
How is this 'Cli-Fi' phenomenon contributing to the intellectual level of the public debate and where do you see this going?
Judith Curry: I am very intrigued by Cli-Fi as a way to illuminate complex aspects of the climate debate. There are several sub-genres emerging in Cli-Fi – the dominant one seems to be dystopian (e.g. scorched earth). I am personally very interested in novels that involve climate scientists dealing with dilemmas, and also in how different cultures relate to nature and the climate. I think that Cli-Fi is a rich vein to be tapped for fictional writing.


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