Thursday, October 30, 2014

Channeling your inner 'Interstellar" - innerstellar vs interstellar?

America is a large country, north, south, east and west, and regional accents abound. Some say tomato and some say tomahto, and some say potato and some say potahto. I'm from the Boston area originally and I sometimes say "wah-der" for "water" and "eye-dear" for ''idea.'' So what I am writing about today should be read with a dollop of good old American humor and regional nitpicking.

ON OSCAR NIGHT how to say  'Interstellar" - PRONOUCE GUIDE inner-stellar vs inter-stellar?   - 

 Case in point: I recently heard a television reporter on CNN, beamed into my home here in Taiwan via satellite, pronouncing the new Christopher Nolan space cowboy epic as "inner-steller -- with her emphasis on "inner."====================

 Or at least that is what my Boston ears "heard." But a quick check on Youtube shows a list of pronounciation tutorials for the word "interstellar" and they all say the correct way to say the movie's title is with the "t" in ''inter'' pronounced just as in ''international'' or ''interview'' and with the emphasis on "stell" as in "inter-stell-ar."===============

 But what is the correct way to say "Interstellar" and is there one correct way or not? Come the upcoming pre-Oscar and Oscar awards season, the movie's title is sure to be spoken from a host of podiums and banquet hall stages. And maybe on Oscar night from the Oscar stage.====================

 When I contacted the CNN reporter and asked her is she was aware of the unique way she pronounces "interstellar," she replied in a kind and understanding email: ''Dan, please isten carefully and you will see that I pronounced it 'Interstellar' in the news segment. However, my Southern California accent tends to make the 't' a little silent. I say Internet the same way."===============

 So it is "Innersteller" or "Interstellar" and does it make a difference? We shall see.===================

 Meanwhile, I did some research on South California accents, where the CNN reporter is from, and I found out that in fact, many people born in that area of the country do in fact leave the first "t" out of words like "Internet" and "interstellar" -- so for some folks it's "innernet" and "innersteller." And that''s cool.===================
 Even though we are a nation of 50 states united on one huge continental landmass, with Alaska and Hawaii a bit off the map in some places, we Americans do speak with a plethora of regional accents. So I say "Interstellar," but someone else will say "Innersteller." And during the movie awards season we will find out just what most people say and how they say it.=======================

 Here's one Youtube tutorial among many that explains just how one should say "interstellar" -- ON OSCAR NIGHT how to say  'Interstellar" - PRONOUCE GUIDE inner-stellar vs inter-stellar?   -

 How do ***YOU*** say it?

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