Sunday, October 26, 2014

Notes to Michael Berry of SALON piece on ''cli fi'' and Paolo Bacigalupi

Hi Michael, 


Michael, excellent piece, bravo. I asked Paolo earlier in the year if
I could call his WinddUp Girl etc as cli fi novels, and he replied to
me, basically the same as he replied to you: "Dan, I had not heard of
the cli fi genre term before but it makes sense to me, and sure you
can call me novels as cli fi. I really dont care what label people put
on my books as long as they read them!" (emoticon smile followed this
remark) --

RE: His quote here to you, above, "I don't think of myself as writing
'cli-fi' but I'll take the label," Bacigalupi said. "I'll take any
label that makes someone think they might be interested in my
stories." [i lovE IT!]

Hi Michael, 

GREAT PIECE in SALON! addition to cli fi novels in many languages, not
just English, and not just for American readers, there are now cli fi
communities of writers and academics in Germany, Finland, Spain,
Chile, China, Taiwan, Japan, France and Norway, among other nations.
One day there might appear a cli fi novel with the power of 1957's ON
THE BEACH by Nevil Shute, some cli fi novel to really wake up the
world. But this will take time. Maybe another 20 to 30 years. But some
writers I am sure are "thinking"' and plotting all this now. It will
happen. Cli fi is in the air. People aroudn the world feel it now. As
Scott Thill has said "cli fi is a prism, a cultural prism, a critical
prism, in which to see the world we live in today." And Thill is
right: cli is not a marketing buzzword, or a bookstore shelving
category, it is a cultural PRISM in which to try to understand and
discuss the world our descendaants will face over the next 500 years.

THE CLIFFIES: And Michael , in connection with cli fi movies, a new
movie awards program called the Cli Fi Movie Awards, and dubbed THE
CLIFFIES, will debut on Feb. 15, 2015, a week before the Oscars to
honor and recognize the best cli fi movies and scripts and directors
of 2014, and it will become an annual Hollywood event. USA TODAY's
Leslie Miller just did a very good preview of the upciming CLIFFIES at
the newspaper's website. Take a look!

Info for THE CLIFFIES at

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